Moss&Rose was originally founded in New York and was a culmination of my life long love affair with flowers. The experience of having New York as a playground and an unforgivable mentor was priceless during the early days of our business. It was a blast and I'm forever grateful to the Big Apple for helping the business form a unique identity.

In 2012 my family moved to Singapore and I decided to open the company here to continue doing what I love. So, now we have a chance to enjoy working with tropical plants and flowers and bring our own flavor to the eclectic and beautiful Singapore.

We love flowers and we love nature, which is why our philosophy is to keep an eye on environment. Our eco-friendly initiative allows to raise awareness amongst our clients about the necessity of protecting and saving our planet for future generations. 

As global situation with waste, pollution, deforestation and totall human disconnect from nature worsens,  we decided to shift our focus from artistic perspective and started advising and educating companies and private clients on how to minimize their impact on Earth and live more concious life style. Truly hope that our work will give fruits and our collaborative actions will improve the health of the Planet.

Madina, artistic director of Moss&Rose, 


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